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Your Nissan vehicle is designed to last for years, provided it is properly maintained. The way you drive your vehicle and the conditions of use may influence the frequency of inspections, adjustments or replacement of its components.

Factors which may affect the maintenance requirements


Repeated short trips of less than 8 kilometers increase your vehicle’s maintenance needs.


Driving conditions in Canada fall under the severe conditions of use category; therefore, it is essential that you follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual for all maintenance-related items. In cold weather, your vehicle’s maintenance intervals will be shortened if the average distance of your trips is less than 16 km.


Traffic jams or long distances at low speeds place a heavy strain on the vehicle’s cooling system, resulting in more frequent checks.


Roads with difficult driving conditions, where dust, mud or salt are found, often cause the premature wear of many vehicle components.


Towing a caravan or trailer or using a camping cabin and hauling heavy loads frequently is demanding on your vehicle, so it will need attention more often.

View the images below for the maintenance packages available.

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