Lease or finance

Choosing between lease or finance at Alma Nissan

Lease or finance? It’s a common question among car buyers. While paying in cash is often seen as the least expensive way to acquire a vehicle, reality often differs. Most people do not have the means to make such an investment all at once. For those seeking alternatives, leasing and financing are viable options.

Understanding vehicle leasing

Discussing leasing requires a detailed explanation due to its complexity. Indeed, unlike a direct purchase, leasing allows you to drive a new vehicle for a defined period. You pay reduced monthly installments compared to a traditional loan. However, it is crucial to note that leasing comes with mileage restrictions. Additionally, the vehicle must be returned in good condition at the end of the contract.

Advantages of financing

On the other hand, financing is often preferred by those who wish to own their vehicle long-term. By financing the purchase of a Nissan, you pay to acquire full ownership of the vehicle once all installments are paid. This may represent a more significant financial commitment in the short term, but it offers complete freedom in terms of vehicle use and modifications.

Obligations of the lessee and buyer

Regardless of the chosen method, some responsibilities remain constant. Costs for insurance, maintenance, title registration, and vehicle registration fall on the lessee or buyer. It is also essential to notify us of any changes to your personal information, such as your address or bank details.

Responsibilities in the event of an incident

Whether the vehicle is leased or financed, it is imperative to inform us immediately in case of an accident or theft. Additionally, costs associated with tolls, fines, and other charges such as parking tickets or towing fees remain your responsibility.

Why choose Alma Nissan?

At Alma Nissan, we believe that the process of leasing or financing your new vehicle should be as enjoyable as driving it. Our team is dedicated to providing a transparent and stress-free experience, helping you choose the option that best fits your needs and budget.

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