New Electric Vehicle Incentive Program Benefits Nissan LEAF

As of May 1, the new Nissan LEAF will be eligible for a rebate of up to $ 5,000 from the Canadian government. This rebate combined with provincial incentives make the LEAF one of the most affordable long-range electric cars on the market today.

The goal of the Electric Vehicle Incentive Program is to encourage the adoption of EVs in Canada. It provides $ 5,000 off when we buy or lease over 48 months, $ 3,750 when we lease over 36 months, $ 2,500 on a 24-month lease and $ 1,250 on a 12-month lease. To be eligible, a car must have a battery with a capacity greater than 15 kWh and its price must not exceed $ 45,000. The Nissan LEAF and its longer range version Nissan LEAF Plus easily meet these criteria.

Available starting at $ 40,690, the Nissan LEAF comes standard with a 40 kWh battery that can reach 242 kilometers on a single charge. The Nissan LEAF Plus is equipped with a 62 kWh battery which provides a truly impressive range of 363 kilometers.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this new incentive program and that it can be combined with the provincial programs already in place. These provide for an additional rebate of $ 8,000 in Quebec and $ 5,000 in British Columbia. It is therefore possible to get a Nissan LEAF in these provinces for less than $ 30,000 and $ 35,000 respectively.

Completely redesigned in 2018, the 2019 Nissan LEAF is the second generation of what many consider to be the pioneer of electric cars in Canada. Offering advanced technologies and dynamic driving, it eases the transition to the electric car by offering typical gasoline-powered driving with all the benefits of electrification.

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Posted in on Apr 30, 2019