2022 Nissan Leaf: Electric, Affordable, Reliable!

As the one true pioneer in its class, the Nissan Leaf continues to stand out for being one of the best electric cars in the market. With many competitors coming and going, and the trend towards electric vehicles booming, the Leaf is setting the bar high with greater and greater incentives, while keeping the price tag low!

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You think electric cars are expensive? Not only has the Leaf always been one of the most affordable options in its segment, now it’s getting even more affordable. With savings of up to $6,800 on all models, combined with up to $13,000 in government subsidies, this car is actually a bargain.

Let’s not forget that being a 100% electric car, it won’t cost you a penny in gas or even oil changes. Plus, with the reliability and durability that only Nissan vehicles can offer, these electric cars and the batteries that power them, are built to last.

The Nissan Leaf features two different electric powertrains and delivers a hefty dollop of electric power. All but the SV model, come standard with a 62-kWh battery that generates 214 horsepower and more than 250 lb-ft of torque. The battery will last up to 363 km on a single charge, which means that the Nissan Leaf can take you far beyond your everyday commute.

There’s also plenty of comfort to spare: front and rear heated seats, heated steering wheel, selectable leather-trimmed upholstery and more. Not to mention the infotainment and life-saving technologies that come equipped with the Leaf.

Get your new 2022 Nissan Leaf and embrace the many perks of being an electric car owner today and into the future!


Posted in on Nov 26, 2021